ITDG is an international development organisation working in Africa, Asia and South America. ITDG’s mission is to eradicate poverty in developing countries by developing and using sustainable technologies that offer ‘practical answers’ to poverty. ITDG’s work is people-centred, specialising in different fields of technology including food production, energy, housing and shelter, transport and small-scale manufacturing.

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ITDG’s Development Education Unit is based in Rugby in the UK and specialises in supporting teachers and students who are learning about examples of sustainable technologies from around the world.

The unit’s work at key stages 3 & 4 is best captured by the Sustainable Technology Education Project (STEP), containing 35 case studies with linked D&T; activities ( STEP has produced two printed resources for teachers with background information, FPTs and DMAs: “Live Well! Live Wisely!” is for key stage 3; “Sustainable Lifestyles” is for key stage 4.

Because of its project work overseas, ITDG’s contexts are based in the southern hemisphere and largely concern their work in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. However, the issues are just as relevant for anywhere else in the world.

Generic design contexts offered by ITDG
• Transporting equipment and goods
•Rainwater harvesting
•Products for mini-enterprise development
•Micro-hydro electricity

ITDG will offer support in relation to the specific design briefs offered in Part 2, generated from its work in its regional offices.

The main support services will be:
• Feedback on initial design ideas
•Information on material selection
•Evaluation of final product

and further queries in relation to the running of the award in schools in England. The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) will offer the same service to schools in Wales.

Your first contact for ITDG is
Education Unit
Bourton Hall
Rugby CV22 9QZ
Tel: 01926 634441
Email: [email protected]

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