Our aim in study weekends is to provide a deeper understanding of sustainability and design and make. There are tools and ideas that can be developed in more detail to enhance students’ major projects.

Study weekends will enable them to experience, albeit briefly, life in a different world – either a university or a sustainable living environment at CAT. It will also give them the chance to explore their own ideas for their projects more fully with experts in the field of creativity and sustainability. They will have an opportunity to look at the work of university undergraduates, and hopefully to talk to some of them who will be acting as tutors on the course. They will have the chance to look at some examples of inspirational sustainable design as well as some designs that are at the other end of the sustainability scale. We hope it will also be something of a social occasion! Details of the study weekends will be provided for registered schools as soon as they are available. It is hoped to run sessions in July 2004.

Obviously not all students will be able to attend. If there is demand, and if we are able to meet it with our volunteer staffing, we may be able to offer shortened versions of the study weekend in teachers' own schools. Experience suggests that a minimum of half a day is necessary for this.

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