School enrolment
This is a simple administrative matter. Schools who wish to participate in the scheme must contact ITDG or CAT (contact us) to register with details of the school name, address, and contact details, teacher contact for SDA, exam board studied, AS and/or A2 level students.

What’s on offer for AS students
AS systems vary according to exam board but in principle the process for all schools will be the same as shown in the diagram. (View a chart for AS Students) Please note that AS students are not allowed direct access to the support service, nor are they able to attend student study weekends.

What’s on offer for A2 level students
There is less variation between boards, all requiring a major designing and making project, which is what will be assessed for the purposes of an SDA Part 2. All schools will therefore operate to the pattern shown in the diagram. (View a chart for A2 Students)

Registering students for AS and A2 Awards
This will be as simple a procedure as possible, and is designed to enable us to give our support to teachers and students as efficiently as possible.

For AS level, we only need to know individual students’ names, along with an indication of the units of work that teachers will be assessing for the SDA Part 1. Where this involves an SDA design context or suggested product study, it will be useful to know in advance in order to prepare for support service requests. Registration forms are provided (AS Registration). Please photocopy the necessary number of forms and send them to ITDG as soon as possible.

For A2 level, we need to know individual students’ names, a brief description of their design context (or title if taken from SDA list) and the name of their partner organisation. Registration forms are provided (A2 registration). Please photocopy and return them to ITDG as soon as possible.

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