Using the support service for AS level
You will see that the scheme is supported by different partners, each having different areas of expertise. We hope teachers will use the service at AS level with discretion, and only as a last resort. We believe that we have provided a sufficiently wide range of support. This includes activities, resources, and details of where to find out more. However, should teachers need further help, they can use the partner who they think to be most appropriate to the question they have. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Using the support service for A2 level
We are anticipating a much bigger demand from A2 level, since we are allowing students access to the service. However, students will only need this service where teachers are unable to provide support themselves. From our pilot year experience, we believe this will be a minority. We cannot afford to waste time answering queries that should be obvious from the teaching pack. Teachers will have knowledge of activities and appropriate tools that students can use. Suggestions for research and back-up information are provided (design contexts intro) and in the teaching packs. We have tried to anticipate as many needs as possible. In the pilot year, fewer than 20 per cent of students used the support service more than once.

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