The Centre for Alternative Technology is an educational charity aiming to inspire people to live more sustainably. Its activities include
•a demonstration centre, displaying renewable energy, energy conservation, ecological building design, organic growing, composting, transport issues, water conservation and a variety of sewage systems
•a wide range of residential courses for groups (from primary schools to an MSc in sustainable building)
•publications for pupils, teachers and the general public

CAT’s expertise includes:
Renewable energy (wind, water and solar power and biofuels)
Building design and materials
Organic growing and food issues
Anything to do with toilets
Ecological footprinting.

For more information about CAT, visit

CAT and the Sustainable Design Award
CAT’s Education unit has generated the following design briefs for students.
• Compost
• Moving water
• Using timber sustainably
• Food
• Solar water heating

Your first contact for these briefs is:
Ann MacGarry
Centre for Alternative Technology
Wales SY20 9AZ
Tel: 01654 705963
Email: [email protected]

CAT will offer support in relation to the design contexts/briefs from CAT’s work and can also do so for building design contexts.

CAT is also the first point of contact for schools in Wales for issues about the running of the award in your school.

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