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Introducing Sustainability to Students

This section is intended to provide a range of activities to introduce ideas of sustainability to students. They are based on activities used in training days. The activities give an insight into how our decisions as consumers impact on the lives of other people, both now and in the future. They help students understand how our lifestyles may be unsustainable and how they may be making life more difficult for other people elsewhere.

They also encourage students to think about
future generations and their own approach as designers and makers. Some argue that consumers consume what producers produce and that producers produce what designers design. It may not be as simple as that, but certainly designers must take some responsibility for whether or not we have a sustainable future.

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Starter Activity 1: What's wrong with the world? What's wrong with the world?
Helps students put sustainability into perspective
Starter Activity 2: Belief Circles Belief Circles
s students to develop ideas and understand other possible viewpoints
Starter Activity 3: Line-ups Line-ups
Encourages students to think about sustainability issues in day-to-day activities
Starter Activity 4: Product Pairs Product Pairs
Encourages students to think about values behind their choices as consumers
Starter Activity 5: The Bigger Picture The Bigger Picture
Shows how consumer choices can impact on the lives of future generations
Starter Activity 6: Footprint Analysis Footprint Analysis
A design tool that aims to illustrate the affect of a person's lifestyle on the world

Stealing from the future
An activity that aims to reinforce the idea that unsustainable living now has a detrimental effect on the choices of future generations.
Starter Activity 8: Coming soon! Starter Activity 8
Coming soon
Starter Activity 9: Coming soon!
Starter Activity 9
Coming soon