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Starter Activity 6: Footprint AnalysisFootprint Analysis
A tool used to raise awareness and illustrate a persons impact on the world.
The website activity below is intended for students to use as individuals but discussion can take place in groups afterwards.
This activity also features as a useful eco-design tool in the Students' Section of this website.

When to use the activity
Use this activity when highlighting the link between consumption patterns and lifestyles and sustainability. It is particularly useful in making students think about their own behaviour as consumers and the impact they have as individuals.

Who is the activity for?
This introductory activity can be used at either AS or A2 level. It can be either a group or individual activity or a combination of the two.

The Activity and hints on how to organise it
Go to or

You are asked a number of questions about your lifestyle

Enter your responses into the drop down menus

As you give your answers you can see how many planets are needed to support the way you live (if everyone adopted your lifestyle)

If working in groups review the results and the students' reaction to them.

For further information about Footprinting click here.

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