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Starter Activity 5: The Bigger Picture
The Bigger Picture
Used to show how our choices as consumers (and therefore the initial choices of designers and producers) can impact on the lives of other people now and in the future. It should also help students to see how choices have economic and social impacts.

When to use the activity
When you are trying to help students understand that their decisions have implications for others.

Who is the  activity for?
This activity is suitable for any size group. However, with very small groups, ask students to take it in turns to read out different statements until all have been covered. It is  probably better for use at A2 level where students have greater understanding of issues, but could be used as an introductory activity for AS as well.

Sustainability issues considered
Teachers can choose statements to bring out different aspects of sustainability, though the statements included are mostly related to environmental issues.

Assessment Criteria
As with all introductory activities, this is most relevant to AS F1 and 2; A2 F1, 2 and 3.

The Activity and hints on how to use it
Have a series of statements prepared which illustrate the impact on the planet of current lifestyles. These are put in envelopes and distributed Click here for suggested statements

When asked, each participant reads out the statement and makes an immediate response to it.

Discuss why we need to consider sustainability issues in D&T. Ensure that a link is made between issues such as climate change, deforestation, overuse of resources and our decisions as designers/consumers.

The Bigger Picture Statements

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