What would their ideal carrier be like?

  • cost ideally 700-800 Ksh though they would probably pay up to 1500 for something designed specifically for them and for which they saw obvious benefits
  • demand would be reasonable for something specific but if it was designed as a multi-purpose carrier it would sell better - there are paravets all over Kenya but the number is hundreds not thousands
  • something that catered for their domestic carrying purposes as well as their equipment needs
  • made from something light but tough - they don't want to add to the weight
  • waterproof on both inside for some compartments and outside
  • divided into compartments to carry different equipment easily
  • equipment should be readily accessible once they reach a farm - something that opened out to reveal all the contents
  • glass bottles should have extra protection in their pockets
  • should be capable of being locked
  • ideally fixed to the bicycle and balanced
  • not at the back so they could still carry a passenger
  • should include a space for a puncture repair kit and spare light bulbs
  • have a separate compartment for drugs
  • removable from bike complete
  • tear proof material to resist thorns etc at side of road
  • special place for a thermometer
  • pocket for record book, reference book, pens
  • if a back pack they would like greater comfort to stop straps and equipment digging in


Before you begin

Web references

Specific design context
1. Product Design - A portable carrier

2. Product Design - An improved bicycle taxi seat

3. Product Design - Firewood Carrier

1. A portable carrier for vets

The area where paravets work

The origins of the roads
What are the roads like?
What are the bikes like?
How do they carry their equipment now?
What's wrong with current methods?
What distance do they travel daily?
What's their ideal carrier?
What diseases do they Treat?
What equipment do they carry?
What carrier making skills and materials are available?

  2. An improved bicycle taxi seat

The area where the taxis operate

The bicycle taxi business in Kisumu
What's a bicycle taxi like?
What are the current problems?
What would be an ideal bicycle taxi?
Have they tried other ideas
What materials and skills are available locally?
A bicycle taxi for a paravet?