What would be an ideal bicycle?

  • fitted with a small motor that could be used when necessary
  • still cheap enough for them to be prepared to make the investment (max 8000-10,000Ksh)
  • sufficiently sophisticated to overcome the prejudice that they are only for poor people (currently the better educated, better off prefer to walk to the main roads and wait to be crammed into the local minibuses, mutatu, even though that takes longer and involves more effort on their part)
  • would enable them to carry heavier loads without adding greatly to the effort involved
  • would enable them to carry loads as well as a passenger more easily than they can at present
  • would give the passenger more comfort and protection
  • would not add greatly to the weight of the bicycle itself
  • would have an easily removable seat to allow transporting baggage instead

  • Transportation

    Before you begin

    Web references

    Specific design context
    1. Product Design - A portable carrier

    2. Product Design - An improved bicycle taxi seat

    3. Product Design - Firewood Carrier

    1. A portable carrier for vets

    The area where paravets work

    The origins of the roads
    What are the roads like?
    What are the bikes like?
    How do they carry their equipment now?
    What's wrong with current methods?
    What distance do they travel daily?
    What's their ideal carrier?
    What diseases do they Treat?
    What equipment do they carry?
    What carrier making skills and materials are available?

      2. An improved bicycle taxi seat

    The area where the taxis operate

    The bicycle taxi business in Kisumu
    What's a bicycle taxi like?
    What are the current problems?
    What would be an ideal bicycle taxi?
    Have they tried other ideas
    What materials and skills are available locally?
    A bicycle taxi for a paravet?