What sort of disease etc do they deal with and how?

There are government-licensed veterinary surgeons, one in each district. They can deal with all cases but are very expensive so people prefer to deal with the paravets as much as possible. They refer cases they do not understand or are not trained for to the vets.

The most common problems are different kinds of worms, trypanosomosis. (caused by the tsetse fly) and tick-borne diseases. Tsetse flies are a particular problem during and after the rains. As the area is close to a National Park (Game Reserve) the flies are carried by the wild animals and transferred to the cattle.

Other problems they deal with are pneumonia, abcesses, eye infections, diarrhoea, orfs, wounds, broken limbs and difficult births. They keep a careful record of every case they deal with as well as noting down symptoms they don't understand. Follow-up training allows them to extend their knowledge every year.


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1. Product Design - A portable carrier

2. Product Design - An improved bicycle taxi seat

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1. A portable carrier for vets

The area where paravets work

The origins of the roads
What are the roads like?
What are the bikes like?
How do they carry their equipment now?
What's wrong with current methods?
What distance do they travel daily?
What's their ideal carrier?
What diseases do they Treat?
What equipment do they carry?
What carrier making skills and materials are available?

  2. An improved bicycle taxi seat

The area where the taxis operate

The bicycle taxi business in Kisumu
What's a bicycle taxi like?
What are the current problems?
What would be an ideal bicycle taxi?
Have they tried other ideas
What materials and skills are available locally?
A bicycle taxi for a paravet?