What do they think is wrong with the current method?

They recognise it is completely haphazard. Daniel says, "Sometimes you get to another farm and look in your bag and think you must have left a vital piece of equipment behind because it's hidden by something else. There isn't really any sort of method in the way we pack things and we have to hunt around for whatever it is we need."

Nothing has been purpose designed or made. There are no separate compartments or pockets for different materials. There is nothing to protect glass bottles, nor plastic from being crushed. Falling isn't uncommon and the rucksack quite often takes the brunt of the weight. Leakage is a common problem. Paul's bag is stained by leaks from one of the solutions he uses.

The straps dig into the shoulders. There isn't any additional protection to prevent that. Nor is there anything to cushion the equipment from digging into the paravet's back. With a weight of 5 kilos, and for some as much as 7-8 kilos, that can be painful and very uncomfortable over a distance.

There is nothing to lock the drugs away. They may have to leave the rucksack somewhere whilst they go to treat an animal so there is nothing to stop innocent children tampering with the drugs.

One thing they often mention is the fact that they tend to combine business with other jobs. So they may well want to carry other things e.g. products bought from the market, as well as their equipment. They cannot put the two things together as they want to keep their equipment as clean as possible. Therefore a dual-purpose carrier would be advantageous. They sometimes want to carry another person on the rack of the bike. With a rucksack on their back, that is difficult.

The current backpacks are not usually waterproof. They may be made from canvas and can withstand showers but not heavy rain. Tablets can get wet, cotton wool soaked. Their records and reference papers also suffer.


Before you begin

Web references

Specific design context
1. Product Design - A portable carrier

2. Product Design - An improved bicycle taxi seat

3. Product Design - Firewood Carrier

1. A portable carrier for vets

The area where paravets work

The origins of the roads
What are the roads like?
What are the bikes like?
How do they carry their equipment now?
What's wrong with current methods?
What distance do they travel daily?
What's their ideal carrier?
What diseases do they Treat?
What equipment do they carry?
What carrier making skills and materials are available?

  2. An improved bicycle taxi seat

The area where the taxis operate

The bicycle taxi business in Kisumu
What's a bicycle taxi like?
What are the current problems?
What would be an ideal bicycle taxi?
Have they tried other ideas
What materials and skills are available locally?
A bicycle taxi for a paravet?