Mary, who works in the kitchen for ITDG in Nairobi, makes juice for the staff on a daily basis. She uses a small blender.

She uses two mangoes mixed with boiled water to make one litre of juice. She adds cut pieces of mango to the blender and then adds boiled water to the same level as the top of the mango. She then blends until a smooth juice is formed.

She buys 50 mangoes per week @ 12 shillings per mango and sells her juice for 25 shillings per glass. She probably uses six glasses per litre. Her profit margin is therefore good. However, the same juice would be sold in restaurants and hotels for 70 sh per glass.

Mary also makes passion fruit juice using the same method. A quarter kilo of passion fruit makes a litre of juice. She buys them at 60 sh for a 2 kilo container. She sells at 30 sh per glass. Elsewhere passion fruit juice sells for 120 sh.

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