Fruit juicing
People want fresh, sterilised fruit juice available in containers they know are safe and will not cause them any stomach problems. Currently, many women make fruit juice for sale locally. They keep it in jugs and it is sold to people in whatever containers they have available. Some also sell to restaurants and hotels but have to do so very quickly because of the very short shelf life - probably no more than 24 hours without any preservative.

Much of the juicing is done by hand, literally. Women don't have any machinery so will just squeeze the juice out of the fruits. There are juicers on the market but they are very expensive. An imported Indian juicer will cost as much as 35,000Ksh. There are cartons of juice available but they have also been imported, usually from South Africa. Recently a company began to start packaging juice in Nairobi but this cannot serve anywhere near the demand.

Mango juice is the most popular, followed by passion fruit and orange. People like it to be fresh but also slightly sweetened. They would probably want between 300-500 ml in a carton.

Requirements would therefore be (this may involve three different design contexts - a juicer, the juice, and a carton)

  • a cheap but hygienic juicer operated either manually or using small electric power
  • a juicer made from local materials that would not rust
  • an additive to lengthen shelf-life
  • a sterile product accredited by the Kenya Bureau of Standards
  • an attractive carton holding between 300 and 500 mls
  • a carton made from locally available materials
  • carton cost of no more than 3sh
  • filled carton to cost 10sh
  • total cost of the kit to be between 2500 and 5000 shillings

    Cardboard and plastic of different gauges are available in Nairobi, though card is more expensive.

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