In the town of Nakuru, a women’s group have been producing peanut butter for sale in the local and adjoining communities. Although they have had some success, they are very often unable to compete against the national brands of peanut butter, which people think to be more reliable as they are known brands with a national reputation. The women think that part of the problem is with the packaging. They would like to attract a wider market and think the important people are mothers and young children. The packaging must therefore be good enough to compete with other brands but also must have a unique selling point.

Some things to think about
• Use images that would be attractive in the Kenyan market
• Ensure that all the necessary nutritional information is included on the container
• Find a brand name that would be attractive to mothers and young children
• Use materials for the container that are readily available in Kenya either in new or recycled form
• Could the container have another use when the peanut butter has been used?
• Ensure you will not be adding to plastic or paper waste
• Could your poster be used to attract young children?
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Making peanut butter in Nakuru.

Packaging In Kenya

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