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:: Eco-Design Tools

 These tools help analyse the sustainability of a product. Click on the links below to find out more

Link to Eco-design Web Eco-design Web
A qualitative method of analysis used for assessing and improving a products' sustainability
Link to Design Abacus Design Abacus
The Design Abacus is a useful qualitative method of analysis, that can be used for identifying areas where a product or a design could be improved in terms of sustainability
Link to Eco-Indicator Eco-Indicator
The Eco-indicator is more detailed, and involves some qualitative analysis
Link to Footprinting Footprinting
The footprint analysis is a useful tool to illustrate a persons impact on the world and can be used to show your understanding of that impact in your folios
Link to Sustain-a-balls Checklists
One of the most common forms of design tools is a checklist. The Sustainable Design Award has it's own checklist 'Sustain-a-balls' that aims to guide you through your project
Link to Creativity Activities Creativity Activities
These activities help you to generate novel and useful ideas and solutions to everyday problems and challenges