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Inspirational Design

Student Work

Ajay Balasubramanian created a sustainable teaching space.

Ajay, an AS student from Strode’s College, spent time at an architects on work experience. He kept in touch and learned of a project they were developing for a sustainable teaching space at The Chelsea Physic Garden. With their agreement, Ajay decided to use it for his AS level project.

Developing a sustainable building is not an easy task but Ajay has managed to keep sustainable design principles at the forefront of his thinking. He identified many important issues and did his best to find sustainable solutions. Solar panels, local sourcing, re-using existing resources, a living roof were all aimed at reducing environmental impact.

The result is an impressive, appealing design.

Sophie Reeve's dress made from re-used tiesRebecca Heaton's sustainable cardboard desk Robert Hulse's seat made from beer barrelsDanielle Benbow's chair made from re-used materialsAilsa Cordon's dress for a local boutique promoting sustainable textiles

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