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Inspirational Design

Student Work

Ailsa Cordon created a dress for a local boutique promoting sustainable textiles.

We are especially pleased to include two textiles projects this year. Ailsa, from Oldbury Wells School, has produced a beautiful folder and a classy product. She has also maintained sustainable design principles throughout her project and in her manufacture.

She has identified all the environmental issues relating to sustainable textiles from choice of material to use of dyes. Her use of ring pulls to fasten the dress is particularly innovative.

She has also used eco-design tools and evaluations sensibly. A cracking effort!

Lily Trotter’s re-usable peanut butterSophie Reeve's dress made from re-used tiesAjay Balasubramanian's sustainable teaching spaceDanielle Benbow's chair made from re-used materialsRobert Hulse's seat made from beer barrels

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