What sort of potential market do they have?

Kaanwa trading centre is the nearest market for Mbuiru. It is approximately 2km from the site of the proposed micro-hydro installation and has a 'catchment area' of 8km2. Unfortunately, the market lacks water and adequate sanitation facilities. Community members must, nevertheless, meet at Kaanwa to buy and sell goods and services. Basic commodities, such as food, farm produce and livestock are sold at the open market. The market does not, however, supply all the equipment and inputs households require. Farmers, for example, report constraints to productivity due to a lack of inputs ranging from tools to fertilisers, pesticides and animal medicines. Kaanwa market acts as an administrative centre for Chuka Division. Various government agencies and officials are located there, including the Divisional Officer, Police Post, Lands Office, the Chief and Assistant Chief.


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