The Community of Mbuiru

Mbuiru village is located in Mariani Sub-location, Karingani Location, Chuka Division. All these are in Meru South District, Eastern province of Kenya (Figure 1). The village lies about 200 km from Nairobi, and is 12km from the nearest town, Chuka. It is un-electrified. The project area considered is 3 km2, though it draws people from the whole of Marianai Sub-location.

Figure 1: Map of Kenya showing Meru District


The Meru people, one of the minor tribes of Kenya, constitute the majority of the population. Several other tribes live in the area, including the Chukas, Tharakas, Mwimbi and Chogorias, Kikuyus and Embu. This ethnic mix is a result of people buying land and moving into the area as well as intermarriage. Different ethnic groups have coexisted for a long time and form an integrated society.

There are about 300 households in Mbuiru village, each having an average of 6 members. The total population actually exceeds 1,800 people. Of these, females account for 56.3% and males 43.7 %. Around 90 % of the population are aged 40 and below. About 23 % are aged 10 and under.

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