What would a sustainable world be like?
A sustainable world would have to be one where the whole of the world’s population:
• had enough healthy food
• had a clean water supply
• had adequate homes to live in
• were free from the threats of poverty, violence, racism or discrimination
• lived in a clean, safe environment
• had access to good health services and education
• could find beauty and fun around them
and where this could continue indefinitely.

In order to achieve this we would have to burn less fossil fuel in the industrialised world, consume more locally produced goods, and stop using destructive chemicals in farming and industry. We need to ensure that everyone has an equal share of resources, and seek out more fair traded products. Above all we must consume less useless products.

If we focus on the ‘big’ issues in this way then the other problems such as loss of biodiversity, local air and water pollution, and poverty will be lessened inevitably in the process.

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What would a sustainable world be like?
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