How do we add to the problems?
• Burn fossil fuels directly in cars and to heat our homes, schools etc.
• Eat food that has been grown with chemicals and has used a lot of energy in processing and packaging
• Buy food and other goods that have been brought from the other side of the world
• Buy lots of things that use up materials, take energy to make and transport.
• Buy products where someone has been paid very little to make them - products that have been produced in ‘sweat shops’, using child labour or people working in unsafe conditions
• Buy products that are immediately desirable, but which have contributed to the loss of traditional technologies, communities or ways of life.


What is sustainability?
What is sustainable development?
Definitions of sustainability
Three dimensions of sustainable design
Why things need to change
How do we add to problems?
What would a sustainable world be like?
Climate change
Datschefski’s principles of sustainable design