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Starting points

  • If you want some ideas about possible design contexts, the start by looking at the seven generic contexts, Buildings contexts
  • If you are interested in sustainable building design and want to know what issues there are that might affect the way you complete a buildings project, go to the Big Picture Power Point that gives an overview.

Further support

  • Behind each of the generic contexts you will find links to support information.
  • There are also sections on different topics relating to sustainable building design. If you want to know about more specific aspects, then go to the following Power Points;

 Each of the Power Points provides links to other useful sites, including materials developed by the Centre for Alternative Technology. For more information about CATís resources, go to or the education page,


CAT (Northern 6): Ecological housing (specific design brief)
A few committed designers and builders are gradually extending their knowledge and practice in energy efficient, ecological methods of construction. Design and make a model of an energy efficient, pre-fabricated house or alternative building, or a component for such a building. It should use ecological materials and renewable energy systems, and should be affordable and appropriate for use in the UK.