Take a look at the Materials choice PowerPoint to help you understand some of the issues involved in choosing the materials from which you will make the different parts of your building. If you know what specific questions you want answered, this website offers a green building service


For an insight into different building materials for anything you might want to use in construction, take a look at and youíll find sustainability comparisons for almost anything you can think of from window frames to carpeting. Also gives advice on what makes building materials green.

For a more detailed analysis of the properties of different sustainable building materials, look at different sections from the Whole House Book, produced by CAT.


You might find an Australian site, interesting. If you go to the Knowledge base you can compare the impacts of different building materials, e.g. look at Walls and it will give advantages and disadvantages of straw bales.


For more specific ideas, the same site offers a lot of help in thinking about the following questions.

For information on the embodied energy content of different materials look at embodied energy building materials.

Can I avoid using any materials that contain toxins? How can I find out which building materials are toxic?