Biopolymers provide an alternative to oil based plastics, as they are made from plants, usually polymers of starch or polylactic acid (PLA). 

They are currently used for bags, cutlery and plates, pens, clothing, credit cards, food packaging, agricultural films, teabags, coffee filters, diapers and napkins.

The main brands of the plastic itself are: Biopol, Bionolle, NatureWorks and Mater-Bi. 

Biopolymers are polymers that are biodegradable. The input materials for the production of these polymers may be either renewable (based on agricultural plant or animal products) or synthetic. There are four main types of biopolymer based respectively on:

  1. Starch
  2. Sugar
  3. Cellulose
  4. Synthetic materials

Current and future developments in biodegradable polymers and renewable input materials focus relate mainly to the scaling-up of production and improvement of product properties. Larger scale production will increase availability and reduce prices.

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