Cool examples of Biopolymers in use

Vegemat use Amongst other applications they use their material to manufacture Golf Tees which will biodegrade on the golf course - to find out more visit:

TREEPLAST® is made from wood chips (50%), with crushed corn and natural resins.
  • It has a natural appearance, touch and feel.
  • It has no shape restrictions.

Because TREEPLAST is made from wood it is a fully renewable material. It can be processed in traditional plastic-processing machines. The standard version of TREEPLAST is absolutely natural renewable and biodegradable.  To find out more visit:

Barbie may soon be produced from bioplastic! The company intends to begin the introduction of products produced from organically derived materials. As the viability of these new technologies is confirmed, their use will be expanded into all brand categories and product lines. In Barbie's 2000 campaign to be President, she said, "It's time we take a stand to care for Mother Earth. Clean air, clean water and a clean environment are vital to our health." Source:

"ECO-FOAM starch based packaging materials are made from a renewable resource – corn.
  • Completely biodegradable and dissolves in water.
  • Naturally static free and reusable, unlike plastic which is made from oil.
  • Water soluble so disposal couldn't be easier, it even makes great compost.

PAPCoRN offer contemporary, environmentally friendly compostable dinner sets for light meals.  All the materials used are compostable. They use renewable resources such as wheat, maize and lactic acid. All these products have a limited environmental impact, from beginning to end and form part of nature’s own cycle.

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