SDA assessment

What does a student need to do to gain the SDA?
  • Show an understanding that there are issues of sustainability in all designing and making activities
  • Show the ability to translate that understanding into your project work or product study at AS level.
  • Successful completion of AS level would lead to the award of SDA Part 1.

    The assessment criteria are intended to check a student’s understanding of sustainability issues, but they can also be used to provide a helpful checklist for students and teachers.

    We suggest students are given the criteria at the start of their course and include them in their folders. Each criterion has two boxes alongside. We suggest students use the first box to indicate the page reference in their folder where they think they have met the criteria. The teacher can then check easily whether or not the student’s assessment is correct.

    Although the criteria are presented in a linear form, they need not be used in that way. Students may achieve some of the criteria at different times in their work

    Further guidance on how to use the criteria, including an example of how a pilot school student’s work was assessed see link to student’s folder (coming soon).

    For the purposes of SDA, the following internally assessed units are the only ones that will count towards the Award. However, using the activities and toolkit will help students with sustainability issues in all other units of their work.

      AS level unit A2 level unit/s
    Exam board    
    AQA Unit 2: Project coursework Unit 5: Project coursework
    Edexcel Unit 2: Product development I Unit 5: Product development II
    OCR Unit 2: Product study Unit 4: Designing
        Unit 5: Making & evaluating
    WJEC Unit 2: Design & make task Unit 5: Designing
        Unit 6: Making

    SDA assessment
    SDA assessment criteria
    AS assessment criteria
    OCR AS Product Study assessment criteria
    A2 assessment criteria
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