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Belief Circles - Suggested Statements

AS Environmental

• I believe it’s the government’s job to make sure waste is disposed of properly, not mine.
• I believe people who use cars should have to pay high taxes to pay for the damage they cause to the environment.
• I believe we don’t need to bother about using up resources. There will always be plenty for everyone.

AS Social

• I believe people in other countries should learn to look after themselves. They’re not our responsibility.
• I believe women are exploited far more than men in the world.
• I believe it’s more important to be trendy than environmentally friendly.

AS Economic
• I believe that what I buy in the shops is my business and doesn’t affect anyone else in any way.
• I believe people should always get a fair wage for the work they do.
• I believe the most important thing in choosing what we buy is value for money.

A2 Environmental
• I believe we’ll always find new resources even if we use up those we’ve got now.
• I believe it’s just not possible to produce something without it doing a bit of environmental damage.
• I believe that, wherever possible, producers should try to use renewable materials and sources of energy.
• I believe it makes sense to try to design all products in such a way that they can be reused or recycled.

A2 Social
• I believe it’s much more important to be able to get a product easily than to be bothered about where it has come from or who made it.
• I believe that people have a free choice about where they live. If they choose to live where there’s a danger from pollution then that’s their problem.
• I believe that when children are used to make products, their families will be better off because there’s another income.

A2 Economic

• I believe there’s poverty in every country. We should be bothered about our own poor people, not those in other countries.
• I believe people who make products have a much harder job than those who sell them so they should get more of the profits.
• I believe it doesn’t really matter whether something is needed or not – making new products always creates jobs for people.