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Getting involved through the website

• Although we would expect teachers to attend a training day at s
ome stage, the SDA website is a very useful tool for both teachers and students in its own right. We want to involve as many teachers as possible.

• If, having read this introduction, you wanted to use the site to improve your own knowledge of sustainability, click on “I’ve
had training” on the teachers' home page. This will introduce you to the detailed part of the teachers’ site.

• This will give you access to sections on classroom and workshop activities and much more detailed background information on sustainability, resources and assessment.

• We are also keen to offer personal support to teachers.
We are happy to give help by email or phone Contact us 

llowing students access to the website

• We don’t want the site to be exclusive so we’re very happy for students to make use of the site.

• They can use it at any stage in the designing and making process at AS or A2 level to help them in developing a design brief, to assess products, to include sustainability in their own designing and making.

• Access to the student site is freely available. However, if your school is not enrolled in SDA, we cannot give them the direct support on their projects that we give to registered students. If they have general queries, we will try to help them as far as we are able, given the time constraints of a very small team.

Check out Teachers' and Students' sites

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