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Eco-design Web - download a blank printable Ecodesign Web
A qualitative method of analysing products, used
working in groups or individually.

Used during product analysis to rate an existing product or design, also used to identify problem areas for your design ideas. The activity is aimed to indicate areas of the product that can be redesigned to improve its environmental sustainability.

The activity

In a small group or individually ask you teacher for, or download a blank printable Ecodesign Web.
Assess the product, going through each part of the web in turn and estimating how good or bad the product is in that area.
When complete, join the dots and shade the inside area.
Discuss focus areas to make it more sustainable.
Indentify targets for improvement

The Eco-design web is useful when:
Assessing an existing product for redesign.
Assessing design ideas
Helping to improve ideas and products.