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Creativity Activities - What if? and Random words
Creativity is the action of combining previously unconnected elements together… it's the ability to generate novel and useful ideas and solutions to everyday problems and challenges

What if?
'What if?' is a creativity technique which AS & A2 students can use to generate ‘fresh ideas’ and provide them with a new perspective on a problem. Creativity techniques like this enable students to build on each other’s ideas and encourage new ways of thinking – which is an important element of successful ecodesign.

The activity is aimed for the idea generation stage of the design process and is probably best used in small groups.

The Activity
• Get into a small group and ask your teacher for a large sheet of paper
• Choose a product in your group you would like to redesign 
• Pick an area of the product that you would like to improve regarding sustainability

The rules: do not criticise, be as crazy as you like, listen to each other, have fun.

• In your group, generate a whole bunch of ‘What if…’ questions related to the improvement option that you are considering, e.g. if they were looking at energy reduction they might ask
- ‘What if…we wanted to do the opposite?’
- ‘What if…money was no object?’
- ‘What if…we needed the solution tomorrow?’
- ‘What if…there was no oil left in the world?’

• Write the ‘What if…’ questions on the large sheet of paper, coming up with possible solutions to their questions, e.g.
- 'What if there was no oil left…?'
"We could use alternative technology like solar or wind, or we could walk/ride a bike”.

• By the end of the session your group should have generated a whole range of new ways of e.g. reducing the energy consumption of their product.
• Circle the ideas that they like the most and which you think you may be able to use.

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