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Creativity Activities - What if? and Random words
Creativity is the action of combining previously unconnected elements together… it's the ability to generate novel and useful ideas and solutions to everyday problems and challenges

Random Words
Random words is a short introductory activity which can be used to introduce AS and A2 students to creativity techniques. It can be used to help them generate inspiration for problem solving and encourage them to think in different ways.

The Activity
• Get yourself into a small group and ask your teacher for a couple of large sheets of paper with a marker pen.
• If this activity is to be used to support an ecodesign redesign activity – write the improvement option that is to be focused on, on a white board focus so that all the students can see it e.g. energy reduction.

The rules: do not criticise, be as crazy as you like, listen to each other, have fun.

• Select a random word from a box of pre-prepared words from your teacher and write the word in the middle of their piece of paper.
• Your group then has 3 minutes to work together to come up with and write down as many words associated with the random word that they have selected.
e.g. Pencil
• Sharp
• Point
• Wood
• Lead
• Write
• Letters
• Books
• Blue & white
• Blunt
• Rubber
• Erase
• …

• Now apply any of the words that you have generated to the problem of energy reduction, again these solutions should be written down.

• By the end of the session your group will have generated a whole range of new ways of reducing the energy consumption of their product.
• Circle the ideas that you like the most and which you think you will be able to use.

Random Words – early alphabet examples
Aircraft Carrier

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