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esign Abacus - download a blank printable Design Abacus
qualitative method of analysis used to identify areas for improvement, again can be used individually or as a group.

Used to rate a product on social, economic and environmental areas, in both the analysis and planning of a design.

The activity
Each individual or group needs a
few blank abacus sheets.
Identify a number of issues
surrounding social, economic or environmental areas and decide on which issue you would like to address
Write each issue
down, the ideal condition is listed at the top and the worst condition at the bottom e.g. for 'end of life' the ideal condition is easy to disassemble & the worst case is difficult to disassemble.
Estimate how good or bad the current product in each area, and how confident you are.
Draw a line to connect all the scores in the issues area and confidence levels.

The Abacus is useful when:
Comparing two products or designs, using different pen colours.

Click here to download a printable Blank Abacus or a Completed Abacus evaluating CD-Cases