Cool examples of how recycled materials can be used

Katie's lamp not only looks good in her bedroom, it also meets lots of sustainable design criteria its a lovely social example because the slides are of her family, its economically sustainable, costing very little whilst maintaining skills.  Her final design is also environmental as it uses a wide range of stuff she collected from friends, family and recycling bins old photographic slides, a shower rail, a mobile phone charger, washers and a coat hanger. The only thing she bought was the LED bulb.  Click here to find out more

Carpet-Burns uses innovative carpet recycling techniques to create fashionable bags, glasses cases, key holders, handbags, notebooks and trays. Carpet-Burns is soon to launch a range of interior products including a coffee table, a magazine rack and suitcases.  To find out more visit: 

'Information/Inspiration' has loads of examples of products made from recycled materials - click here

Tectan has been used in the design of speakers by Sony.  Sony used recycled material from Tetrapak milk cartons, called Tectan, & cardboard to case their speaker systems.

They found that this actually improved the performance of the speakers.
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Tejo Reims of Droog Design designed this legendary "rag chair" made of textiles belted together

(Source: Design Navigator, 2004) 

Groovy! Student Theresa Richard of The Art Institute of Philadelphia, combined recycled metal zippers from garments in the 1960s create the detail for this halter dress. There is a functional zipper down the center back. For more examples of exciting fashion ideas -  Click here
Each Remarkable pencil is made from a single plastics vending machine cup, both the main stock of it and the core (traditionally called the lead). The Remarkable pencil was the brain-child of Edward Douglas-Miller... read on

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Reclaimed timber salvaged from demolished Victorian buildings is turned into floor boards.  Wood like this was originally sourced from slow growing trees and tends to better quality than modern products.

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