Nutshell natural paints


  • Products are made using traditional recipes and through modern research we have identified which ingredients can be safely reintegrated into the cycle of nature whilst offering a technically mature and professional product. 

  • Processing of the raw ingredients is kept to a minimum, and energy efficient processes are used in the manufacturing of our products. 

  • Renewable resources, that are plentiful in supply, such as plant oils and minerals, are used in order to ensure as little impact upon the environment as possible. 

  • Products are packaged in steel tins, brown paper bags and glass which all can be easily recycled. 

  • Plastic bags are used as liners for the pigments to contain the fine powder, and plastic emulsion tubs may be be purposefully reused in the household, garden or on a building site. 

  • We reuse packaging for mail order, so please don't be surprised if your paints arrive in a box that says "wine" or "biscuits"! Reuse is better than recycling! 

  • We no longer prints wasteful colour charts, single hand-painted samples are instead available on request. 

  • Nutshell paints are not tested on animals


  • Paints are manufactured in England and Europe, helping to cut down on unnecessary transport of goods, and providing local jobs for local people. 

  • We implement a social engagement policy by providing Local Government Units for individuals with Learning Disorders with interesting and achievable manufacturing and packing jobs. 

  • For the past 4 years we have worked together with Plymouth City Council creating work opportunities.

  • We support a number of social and environmental enterprises and charities, such as SUSTRANS and Amnesty International.


  • Many paint products contain plastics that seal the wall surface, creating a “plastic box” for a home. NUTSHELL NATURAL PAINTS are different in that they are microporous, they allow the walls to “breathe”. Conventional impermeable paints lead to excessive wall condensation that can give rise to the growth of dangerous moulds. Our products allow moisture to pass through the surfaces and thereby avoid this common problem. Rooms painted with NUTSHELL Emulsions don’t have to be vacated, so they make an economical; choice where offices, hospitals and schools are under pressure of time and space.