ITDG Design Contexts

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ITDG 1: Sustainability campaign
In many communities it is hard to promote change towards a more sustainable way of life. Identify a community (e.g. a school, a sports club, a local area) and a sustainability issue that affects it. Devise a 3D and 2D campaign to promote a more sustainable way of life.

ITDG 2: Packaging
Many people can only afford to buy every day items such as flour or sugar in small amounts. In some countries, buying and re-packaging goods for re-sale is a useful income generating activity. Investigate the process of re-packaging and design and make a sustainable method for use in your chosen context.

ITDG 3: Sustainable power
There are several sources of renewable energy. In many countries, micro-hydro power is a potential source wherever there is a reliable water supply. Investigate the appropriateness of micro-hydro power for an area of your choice and design and make a small machine that could harness that power for use in a small enterprise.

ITDG 4: Rainwater harvesting
Ensuring an adequate water supply for domestic and agricultural use is a problem in many parts of the world. However, there are opportunities for harvesting rainwater when rains do come. Investigate possible methods of harvesting water and design and make a method for filtering or storing water suitable for your chosen context.

ITDG 5: Sustainable cooking
Cooking outdoors on an open fire is a summer treat in many northern hemisphere countries. In the southern hemisphere it is often their way of life. Investigate existing practices of open-fire cooking and design and make a cooking stove which is as fuel-efficient as possible.

ITDG 6 and 7: Carrying equipment
All over the world, people have to carry a wide variety of equipment or good to carry out their jobs - the tools of their trade. Investigate the problem of carrying equipment. Design and make a sustainable method of carrying equipment or goods for the person or occupation of your choice.


Generic Design Contexts

ITDG 1. Sustainability campaign
ITDG 2. Packaging
ITDG 3. Sustainable power
ITDG 4. Rainwater harvesting
ITDG 5. Sustainable cooking
ITDG 6. Carrying equipment (Kenya)
ITDG 7. Carrying equipment (UK)